My Top 5 Travel Apps

I am a planner. I love to plan everything before I go so I don’t get travel anxiety. These 5 apps help me plan everything I need, easily. They are super duper!

  1. Skyscanner.

In my opinion, this app is essential. It compares every flight going to your chosen destination and shows the cheapest option. It also compares the cheapest flights departing from a chosen airport on a certain date range which is perfect when you don’t know where you want to go! You can filter results using time of flight, number if stops, airline etc etc. After using different flight comparing apps and website, I personally think its the best!

If you have read any of my travel stories, you may have realised, I love! I use mostly because you don’t have to pay a penny until you actually get to the hostel, apartment or hotel. This is handy if you are travelling in a group as you can split the cost when you get there rather than arguing who has to pay the lump sum when you book the accommodation.

         3.XE Currency

This app allows you to convert currency. It answers every tourist’s question: is this a bargain or a rip off?  So download this app before your next trip so you don’t get ripped off!


       4.Travel advisor

This app helps me plan what I need to see and do in every destination I go to! It also gives reviews for hotels, flights, holiday rentals and restaurants, but I mostly use it to create my ‘To do’ list.



Citymapper is like Google maps. In fact it uses Google maps. But it does so much more than Google maps. It not only show the walking/driving/ public transport route but also Uber transport including the price of an Uber. You can also save any bus stop or train station, tube / metro / train line or bus routes for quick access and save a journey for offline use. There are many more features which I haven’t used…. Yet! 


I hope this post helps all you travellers!

Get downloading!

Peace out, wanderers




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