My Top 5 Places to Visit

 Out of all the stunning places I have visited so far, I have selected these as my top 5 places to visit! Let me know what you think!

1. Mljet, Croatia

This tiny island is 90% trees and 100% stunning. The scenery and the views will take your breathe away. But don’t take my word for it, the greek hero – Odysseus, was also enchanted by this beautiful island, and made it his home for seven years!

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On top of Montokc, over looking Mljet’s national Par

2. Annecy, France

This ancient town stole my heart years ago when I visited it with my family. It is situated at the foot of the Alps beside the glacier blue lake.

2013-07-10 21.40.55
Lake Annecy at the foot of the Alps

3. Prague, Czech Republic

The moment I set foot inside the city center, I thought I was in a fairytale pop-up book. The city is so enchanting and is on my ‘need to go back’ list! Go Czech it out!

Old Town Square

4. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

I don’t have many words on how to describe the Grand Canyon. It’s one of those places you need to see for yourself to understand. No picture and no words will do it justice.

Grand Canyon

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I just adore this city. Not (just) because of the relaxed laws but because of the architecture, the canals, the culture. You definitely need to experience Amsterdam, at least once in your life!

The Iamsterdam sign in front of the Rijks museum









Peace out, my wanderers!

P.S. Feel free to me a leave me a comment or to send me a message!







  1. I really appreciate your writing style. The use of phrases such as ‘This tiny island is 90% trees and 100% stunning’ makes for a great read and renders the already intriguing content even more enchanting. Very well done, some more seasoned bloggers could learn something from you!


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