My Dirty Secrets of Budapest!

Budapest wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t imagine it to be as ‘grand’. The city is full of these amazing, enchanting buildings that seem to tower over you. It’s home to the oldest subway line in Europe, the largest synagogue in Europe and the most beautiful church I have ever seen! If you love Vienna, you would fall head over heels with Budapest!

I recently visited Budapest with my sister, Faye, at the start of July. We stayed at the Marco Polo Top Hostel which we would highly recommend! It is cheap, fairly close to everything, they offer airport transfer and they have a bar! What else can you ask for?

We were only in Budapest for a 5 days but we learned a few dirty secretes which I have to share with you! But shhhh, don’t tell anyone else!

  1. The first secret, is the biggest one, so listen read carefully. On top of the Buda hill, sits the palace, a beautiful church, the Fisherman’s Bastion and Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. There is one of two ways to get to the top. There’s the free way; which is hiking up the hill. But who wants to do that in 30°C heat? Or you can take the funicular. But who wants to pay and queue for a funicular ride that lasts less than 2minutes? So which way should you go? Neither! My sister and I realised you can take a 2 free elevators and an escalator to the top! No sweating. No paying. But how, you ask? Well, when you are looking at the long queue for the funuclar, turn left. Walk along the footpaths, keeping the shops to your right. When you see glass doors (shown below) take the lift up to level 1. Then take the escalators up to another level. And then, there should be another lift in front of you, that will take you to the highest point of Buda Hill.


    The secret passage way!
  2. The next one isn’t much of a secret, more of a confession. I have no idea how you pay for trams in Budapest.  So my advice is just avoid taking one. I THINK the ticket you can pay in a metro station is the same as a tram ticket, but, as I said, I have no idea. When you get on and off a tram, no asks you for a ticket. But don’t let this fool you, they do random checks and if you are caught without a ticket, you could get a HUGE fine.
  3. Anyone who knows me, know I love free things! This is why I lovvveeee free walking tours! The free walking tour is excellent! They tell you all the juicy history of Budapest, walk you to all the biggest landmarks, point out the best places to eat and answer any question you can think of. So what’s the point of paying £20+ on a tour when you get one for free?
  4. I live on water. Which is why I always look up whether the country I am visiting has drinkable tap water and… Hungary has! It is not that tasty but it’s free and clean!
  5. Have an extra day in Budapest? No problem! Slovakia’s capital city, Bratislava is only 2.5 hr train journey away! My sister and I realised we could do everything we wanted in 4 days, so we decided to tick another country of our list by visiting Bratislava. To our surprise a return ticket for two was under £30. How great is that?! Bratislava is a gorgeous city and definitely worth squeezing into your city break!

Since this post is a bit longer than I expected, I will write another post about what you need to see and do in Budapest. But for now, check out the very first video I ever made –> Lets go to Budapest and Bratislava and have a sneak peak of some of the photos below!

Thanks for reading.

Peace out my wanderers!


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  1. […] To get the best view of the city, you should definitely save some time for Buda Castle. The castle is on top of Buda Hill. From the top, you can see the all of Pest including the most majestic Houses of Parliament I have ever seen! If you don’t want to break a sweat or pay for a 2minute funicular ride to get up Buda Hill, read my My Dirty Secrets of Budapest! post. […]


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