My Top Five Tips When Booking Accommodation

This is going to sound really nerdy, but one of my favourite things about going on holiday, is booking accommodation! For me, it’s like retail therapy. So here are my top 5 tips when booking accommodation:

1.Location, location, location!

The main thing to look out at when booking your dream accommodation, is where it’s located. If you are planing to sunbath at the beach everyday, it’s probably a lot easier (and cheaper) to book your accommodation beside the beach rather than one town away, even if it’s £10 more expensive a night. It’s worth it. So when you think you have found the perfect place to stay, copy and paste the location into Google Maps and see where your accommodation is in relation to the city center/the sights you want to see/the beaches/the activities you want to do etc. etc.; and if you have to take 3 buses, a train and walk a mile to get any where, I suggest that you should keep looking. Who wants to spend all their time and money on public transport?

2. Is the price right?

Every accommodation sight has a different price for each hotel/hostel/apartment so when you have fallen head over heels with your chosen accommodation, search the price for the same room on different sights (don’t forget to check the accommodation’s own website too). Try: Trivago,, Hostelworld, Airbnb and my personal favourite,

3. How do you get there?

This point kind of overlaps point 1, but shh. I always hate the thought of trailing my luggage around the city, trying not to get lost on my way to the accommodation. This is why I (now) always check to see if it’s near a bus/train/tram/metro stop that goes directly to and from the airport. If not, I will then check if it offers airport transfers. I will usually pay a ridiculous amount for airport transfer because I know I will be tired and cranky when I get off the plane and the last thing I will want to think amount is trailing my luggage around the city until I find my accommodation! If it’s in the middle of nowhere and I have no access to a car, then no thanks!

4.Look at the reviews

Before buying anything, you should look at the reviews. What are people saying about it? Is it clean? What is the staff like? Have they lied about anything on their website? Is it good value for money? Basically, have people liked staying there or would they have rather slept on a bench outside?

5. What else do they offer?

I once stayed 1 hour away from the city center, totally ignoring my own advice, just because I got to sleep in a colourful caravan and swing on hammocks! If you still can’t decide where to stay, look at the extra facilities they have to offer. I am usually won over by quirky decor or airport transfer. Do they have a bar? A hot tub? Roof top garden? Hammocks? Bike hire? Hair dressers? Is there a nice view? Can you book now and pay later? Can I leave my luggage in storage after I check out? Look for accommodation that suits YOU!

The view from my balcony in Croatia.

What do you think?


Thanks for reading!

Peace out, my wanderers!


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